Accelerate your trading application with Cheetah Solutions FPGA Framework

whitepaper for low latency arbitrage with fpgas
Download our whitepaper on ultra low latency arbitrage.

Eliminate Software and Server latencies from your Trading Algorithm and achieve Tick-to-Trade times of less than 1us.


Cheetah  Framework for fpga algo trading

Cheetah  Cubs - IP Cores for algo trading with fpgas

Cheetah Blocks provide ready IP Cores for EMA, ADX, ATR for fpga algo trading

Cheetah Host provides server interface to fpga algo trading appliance

Provides a complete framework for runtime reconfigurable routing, configuration, status reporting, and auditing in FPGA trading systems. IP Core blocklets to help you build your own algo core modules. Our Cheetah Cubs provide the basics for configuration, status monitoring, price tickstores, etc. Ready to go Algo core modules provide technical indicators running at up to 60 million events per second with latencies as low as 100ns.

Server side host framework to allow configuration, management, and reporting.

Cheetah Designer trading algo IDE

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